December 24, 2009

Latino/a Hip-Hop Studies @ Duke University

I so wish I could take this upcoming course @ Duke University!


Professor Gosin will be teaching an undergraduate course titled, "Latino/a Hip Hop: Representation and Resistance" during Spring, 2010. The course will be listed under LSGS 150S and will be cross-listed with AAAS, Spanish, Sociology, and Cultural Antrhopology. A brief description follows: This course will examine Hip Hop as a tool for self-representation and resistance among Latino/as in the United States in the context of histories of colonization, im/migration, and activism. The course highlights the integral role of Puerto Rican youth in Hip Hop’s creation; examines the role of Hip Hop as an expression of Chicano politics; explores the influence of cultural expressions from the Spanish speaking Caribbean; and investigates what Hip Hop reveals about the linkages between US Latino/a and African American communities. Through an examination of the politics of Latino Hip Hop as a cultural production, the course emphasizes a critical analysis of the racial, gendered, and linguistic politics that shape Latino/a lives. Curriculum codes ALP; SS, CCI; and W will likely be attached to this course. Since this is a seminar, only 18 seats are available; undergraduates should plan to sign up early.

(Note that our Intro to Latino/a Studies, LSGS100S, will also be taught in the Spring by Prof Viego at a non-conflicting day/time.)

Office Location: 222 Friedl Building
Office Hours: For Fall, please e-mail to set up an appointment.
Office Phone: 919-668-1945
Email Address:
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Cristopolis Dieguez

Chyno Nyno - "Quien Dijo"

Cristopolis Dieguez

December 19, 2009

Exclusive Interview with "Conspiracy of Mind"

I recently had the chance to catch up with Latino Hip-Hop recording artist's "Conspiracy of Mind " made up of emcee Just-1 and producer Nevahmind.  There new album "The Grand Deception", which features the single "Sabotage" ft. Chino XL can be found here .

The Interview:

LatinoHiphop.Org:  If you were in an elevator and had 2 sentences to describe COM's story and sound, what would it be? 

COM:  Its sort of like Joseph Stalin meets Che Guevara and decided to make hiphop. The story will be written by those on the outside looking in.....

LatinoHiphop.Org:  Where do you see COM 5 years from now (2015)?

COM:  In Guantanamo Bay for pushing the limits of free of speech and being mistaken for "terrorists". Or educating the less fortunate about their histroy and placement.

LatinoHiphop.Org:  How do you plan to monetize your music (what is your business model)?

COM:  Truth, Wisdom & Knowledge.

 LatinoHiphop.Org:  Do you have a crazy industry, recording or performing story that stands out that you'd like to share? 

COM:  We steal shows from hosts regularly yet unintentionally, being dope tends to have that effect on people......

LatinoHiphop.Org:  What does COM have planned for 2010? 

COM:  The Grand Deception album, world domination, & constant edutainment.

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Cristopolis Dieguez 

December 7, 2009

Chile Estyle - Graffiti Art Exhibit

If you are in the Los Angeles area, this is an art exhibit you will not want to miss.

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Cristopolis Dieguez

December 3, 2009

December 1, 2009

Exclusive Interview with "Eric Bobo"

I had the good fortune of catching up with Eric Bobo recently and askied him about his new album "Meeting of the Minds" (which can be purchased here).

Eric Bobo is a well known percussionist who is best known for performing as full-time percussionist for Cypress Hill.


1. When is your new album scheduled to be released?  Who is featured on it?

Eric Bobo:

My album "Meeting Of The Minds" was released late last year. The album features B Real, Sick Jacken, Tony Touch, Ill Bill, Thirstin Howl III, Mellow Man Ace, Sonidero Nacional & more. I really wanted to bring different musical genres together since that's a big part of what I do.


2. How long has this album been in production?

Eric Bobo:

The album took about 3 years to complete. Working on the album between tours with Cypress Hill made it a challenge because I had to sometimes divide my focus but it all worked out in the end.


3. What label is the album being released through?  Is the business model being used to push album, traditional or non-traditional?

Eric Bobo:

The album was released thru Nacional Records which is a Latin-Alternative independent label. They have artists like Manu Chao, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, & amp; more. They still operate more as an indie label than a major even though they are distributed by Warner Bros. I liked the fact that they are an artist friendly label & that they understand the way the music industry has changed yet still be effective.


4. What is the most interesting country you've visited while on tour?  What made it interesting?

Eric Bobo:

I think a lot of the countries that I've visited on tour each have an interesting thing about them but mainly its the different cultures that you encounter. I really like South America, Japan & Europe. Also, the fans out there are very loyal to the artists that they like.


5. What changes do you see coming to the music industry within the next couple of years?

Eric Bobo:

Well, we have all witnessed the crazy changes that have happened so far from digital downloads to the eventual demise of the CD. The industry has been trying to figure out how to make their money in the age of free downloading, yet millions of people have embraced the digital music stores like Amazon & ITunes. I do believe that now there are so many opportunities for artists to get their music heard both independent & established, so to me, the future for the music industry doesn't look that bad at all 

Also, be sure to keep up with Eric Bobo online @ his official website;

And for the Social Media gurus out there:

Follow him on Twitter here

Friend him on Myspace here

Or become a fan on Reverb Nation here.

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Cristopolis Dieguez

November 28, 2009

Thirstin Howl III - "Con Calma"

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Cristopolis Dieguez

Wild Style

Wild Style was the first Hip-Hop motion picture. 

Released theatrically in 1983 by First Run Features and later re-released for home video by Rhino Home Video, the movie was directed by Charlie Ahearn and featured Fab Five Freddy, Lee Quinones, the Rock Steady Crew, The Cold Crush Brothers, Patti Astor, Sandra Fabara and Grandmaster Flash. 

The protagonist "Zoro" is played by the legendary New York graffiti artist "Lee" George Quinones. An early version of the 'Wild Style' logo appeared in the Fall of 1981 when Charlie Ahearn hired graffiti legend Dondi to paint the 'window down' subway car piece that appears in the film. 

The Dondi piece was the inspiration for the animated title sequence designed by the artist Zephyr in 1982. The 'Wild Style' logo was designed by Zephyr and painted as a huge 'burner' mural by Zephyr, Revolt, and Sharp in the Summer of 1983. 

Wild Style is widely regarded as a film of great historical and aesthetic significance due to it's portrayal of legendary Hip-Hop icons in their ascendancy, as well as it's profound documentation of an emerging sub-culture. 

You can find more information about Wild Style from the Independent Movie Data Base here.

Or visit the Official Wild Style website here.

The movie is available for purchase here.

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Cristopolis Dieguez

November 26, 2009

LatinaBeatz --> Special Prices Through December 2009

LatinaBeatz is known throughout the Latino Hip-Hop industry for her work as a promoter, marketer, and publicist for artists such as; Psycho RealmChino XLImmortal TechniqueMiss Bambi Ink Model and DJ Khalil.

Special Prices

LatinaBeatz is currently offering a Service Special of $50.00, for each service offered until January.

After January the rates will be returning to normal prices, which start at $100.00 and up.

If you have a Business or Album, releasing in 2010, you can lock in these rates by Pre-Paying now.

Also, referrals to LatinaBeatz will earn you a $10.00 cut of every service received, or a free service for you.

E-Mail Blasts will remain @ $50.00

Here is a list of services currently being offered @ $50.00 each:

 -Interview done by LatinaBeatz featured on LatinaBeatz.Com

-E-Mail Blasts (over 8,000 in my data base)

-Online Promo (Myspace,Twitter,Facebook)

To take advantage of this special contact LatinaBeatz directly @;

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La Bruja - Performing @ BAAD

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Stalyn --> Hip-Hop de Nicaragua

Stalyn, born in Nicaragua and surrounded by poetry and music since he was a child,  followed his love for words and rhythms and mixed it with his passion for Hip-Hop culture. 

Taking inspiration from personal experiences, his lyrics focus on positive change as he delivers his personal message which revolves around the principles of;  Unity, Alertness, Understanding, Courage, Presence and Love.

Stalyn’s first solo effort, "El Joven Rey" is an all Spanish album, dedicated to representing real Latino Hip-Hop, it can be found for purchase here.

For direct contact with Stalyn please contact him at

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Cristopolis Dieguez

November 22, 2009

Conspiracy of Mind ft. Chino XL - "Sabotage"

Conspiracy of Mind has just released an incredible track entitled "Sabotage" featuring none other than Chino XL!

You can hear the new track exclusively on there website @ ComHiphop.Com.

For Booking and Collab info, Contact Matt Charette - MCharette@Charter.Net

Sabotage by Conspiracy of Mind ft Chino XL is out! |
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Cristopolis Dieguez

November 21, 2009

John Mayer's Augmented Reality (Music Video)

John Mayer is now the first artist to create an "Augmented Reality" music video!

You can watch a sample of the video here. (provided by Media Futurist Gerd Leonhard), or experience it yourself @

Here is a video that shows John Mayer on set @ the video shoot;

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Cristopolis Dieguez

Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull - "Fresh Out The Oven"

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Cristopolis Dieguez

November 20, 2009

La Conekta - November 28, 2009

La Conekta is a monthly national showcase which focuses on Latino Hip-Hop.

This event takes place in cities across the U.S., such as Boston, NYC and DC.

On November 28th it will be touching base in DC.

The event will take place at the Axum Club, located @ 1934 9th St. NW, Washington, DC 20001

Here is a map of the area;

View Larger Map

This is one event you won't want to miss.

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Cristopolis Dieguez

November 16, 2009

The 4th Annual International Hip-Hop Festival - Guatemala

If you are in or around Guatemala between November 26-29th, you will definitely want to check out the 4th Annual International Hip-Hop Festival.

True to it's name, this festival focuses on all aspects of Hip-Hop culture.

Just to give you an idea of the events taking place during this festival I have posted the schedule below;

Find out all the details about the event here.

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Cristopolis Dieguez

November 15, 2009

Tony Touch is a Hip-Hop legend!

I remember my first Tony Touch mixtape, purchased on a trip to NYC back in 95'.

It was the 50 MC Power Cypha, and I was blown away.

Now you can purchase his classic mixtapes (past & present) @

Don't sleep*

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Cristopolis Dieguez

Vico C ft. Tego Calderon & Eddie Dee - "El Bueno, El Malo & El Feo"

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Cristopolis Dieguez

The Game ft. Tego Calderon & Pitbull

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Cristopolis Dieguez

November 14, 2009

ArtistData tirelessly works to give musicians more time to be creative. We're building solutions to automate the monotonous updating of artist websites, social network profiles, concert databases, Twitter, official news feeds, iCal, local press, fan newsletters, and even tour books. When an artist updates our site, we update all their sites. Our current users save hundreds of hours, giving them more time to do what they love: create music.

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Cristopolis Dieguez

From Mambo to Hip-Hop

Cristopolis Dieguez

November 10, 2009

Hip-Hop is an international phenomenon which I study and follow on daily basis.

In doing so I continue to find new online resources from all over the world representing Latino Hip-Hop.

Today I discovered a site focused on Latino Hip-Hop from Guatemala; GuateHiphop.Com.

This site is great resource which amongst other thing has multiple albums that you can download for free, a live MP3 player working as a jukebo, and interesting information & biographies on artists.

Check it out*

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Cristopolis Dieguez

November 7, 2009

Calle 13 Wins 5 Awards at the Latin Grammy's

Puerto Rican alt-hip-hop duo Calle 13 swept all of its nominated categories Thursday at the 10th Annual Latin Grammy Awards.

The act went five-for-five at the awards, which were held at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, and took home trophies for record and album of the year, winning the top prize for its politically charged third offering, "Los De Atrás Vienen Conmigo."

Although most people have labeled Calle 13's music as reggaetón, they have tried to distance themselves from the style.

Their music has featured elements from jazz, bossa nova, salsa, cumbia, tango, electronica and others.

In their recent tours around Latin America they have added different musical elements according to the place the band is playing in, yet many of their songs carry the traditional reggaeton "Dem Bow" beat.

Singer Residente is reluctant to label their music in a specific genre, instead calling it plain urban style. He has a clear preference of hip hop over traditional reggaeton and both he and his brother justify it by saying that only three songs out of fifteen songs in their eponymous debut album, as well as four out of fifteen songs in their album "Residente o Visitante", feature reggaetón beats.

You can purchase their third offering and newly crowned album of the year here.

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Cristopolis Dieguez

October 29, 2009

Create Yourself

Last night I watched "This Is It", the movie documenting the last weeks of Michael Jackson's life.

In watching the movie I felt humility, sadness and a new understanding of the fleeting nature of life.

I also walked away with an in depth look at how the king of pop had created a persona.

In analyzing all this what I found truly fascinating was that his persona was not so different from the one we have created for ourselves.

The biggest difference is the extent to which he believed and embraced his vision of himself.

That is the true work we have in this life.

Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez

October 27, 2009

La Sinfonia

When La Sinfonia launched its debut album El Dolor, La Lucha, Y El Triunfo, it was a watershed moment in Latin hip-hop. After years of being marginalized, Hispanic urban music (Hurban) was making up for lost time with a renaissance of young Latino talent whose official language was “bilingual”. Raised in East L.A. by immigrant parents, La Sinfonia was a different kind of group that stood out from the rest. The beats and the flow were always at the forefront with rappers Arsenal (Luis E. Bañuelos) and Seis (Alfonso García), however, their secret weapon was the passionate vocal blend provided by singer Vanessa “Vane” Bañuelos. Songs like “Inseparable” and “Abrázame Muy Fuerte” possessed a drama and a timeless sweep that made them hits at Hurban and Latin pop radio, while garnering praise from the press and music critics alike.

On their second album, titled La Sinfonia, the hip-hop trio teamed up with decorated producers The Co-Stars (Teiarra Marie, Jaheim, and Chingy). Together they have charted an inspiring path blending culture, life, and social commentary with catchy melodies and driving beats. With vibrant vocals on songs such as “No Merezco Tu Perdón (Idiota)” and “Lullaby”, the group reflects on their family, neighborhood, and culture to relay stories of perseverance against the many obstacles of the inner city existence. It’s a theme that runs through many of La Sinfonia’s songs, offering themselves as proof that dreams can come true for a Latino from the Barrio. The Co-Stars’ strengths with R&B and soul are notable as the group broadens its appeal while maintaining its East L.A. heart.

The first single at Latin radio, “No Merezco Tu Perdón (Idiota)” features Vane singing the chorus of Joan Sebastián’s smash “Idiota”. It’s the first time the consummate singer-songwriter has granted permission for his work to be used in a hip-hop song.

One major change for this group was complementing its Spanish-language songs with new material in English. “Lullaby” is an uplifting song that blends Pop and hip-hop elements to tell the story of persevering young love in the streets. Vane sings, “Against all odds, you are the one and you go hard on the block and tell me theirs nothing but love, so I’ll be your Lullaby.”

Clearly, La Sinfonia rolled up its sleeves and re-thought how it wanted to do things this time around. As Seis notes: “The Co-Stars had the style we were looking for. They were more our sound and we ended up finding our true ‘stilo.” Adds Arsenal: “It’s feel-good music. The whole family can listen to our album. This album is for any age.” There was a comfortable vibe on the 2007-08 sessions – The Co-Stars crafted beats that LA La Sinfonia loved, while Vane, Seis and Arsenal had plenty of time to work and re-work their lyrics.

Now, the finished product is ready – the long, long-awaited second album, La Sinfonia.

Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez