August 31, 2009


LatinoHiphop.FM is an online radio station dedicated to playing strictly Latino Hip-Hop!

Tune in, contribute, suggest songs, and help me in continuing to strengthen and grow the Latino Hip-Hop community!

Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez

August 28, 2009

Spotify - The Future of Music

CD's are not only irrelevant now, they are actually ancient media used by dinosaurs.

MP3's are now on there last legs.

Music ownership as a whole is coming to an end.

Spotify is presenting a new paradigm of streaming music, intelligent software that knows what you like, which can be easily accessed via phone, radio, or computer.

Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez

August 25, 2009

Latinos Unidos 5 a.k.a. Latinas Unidas

Sat., Aug. 29th, 2009

I cordially invite you to join me for Latinos Unidos 5



Performances by:









DJ SOYO spinning the best in Urban Latino music!



Latin Jazz Alley
1721 Columbia Rd. NW
Washington, DC 20009

Doors open @ 9pm

18+, No Cover, Dress Casual

Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez

August 24, 2009

LATINOS - Cristopolis ft. Temperamento & Don Dinero

"LATINOS" can now be downloaded for free here.

This and many more songs are always available as FREE Downloads @

Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez

August 23, 2009

1 in every 6 Americans is Latino

Here are the approximate numbers;

Population of the United States - 300 million.

Population of Latinos in the United States - 45 million.

U.S. Census 2000


Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez

August 22, 2009

Centinela Spectro - Chilean Hip-Hop

I met Centinela Spectro back in 2002 in Santiago, Chile.

We ran into each casually, exchanged albums and talked for a little.

I took the album home and was blown away by his skill and passion on the mic.

Years later, this cat is still making classic material.

Much props to you champ.

Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez

August 20, 2009

La Conekta - August 28, 2009

Next Friday, August 28, 2009 is "La Conekta"!

It will be going down at AXUM CLUB located at 1934 9th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001.

Doors open @ 9pm.

Live performances by:









& DJ CHELE providing his remarkable skills on the 1's & 2's.

For more information contact Fantazma here.

Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez

LATISM - Latinos in Social Media

As the Latino population continues to multiply in the United States and Social Networking & Web 2.0 at an all time high, "Latinos in Social Media" are more relevant than ever before.

The LATISM Heritage Tour is a first of it's kind conference focusing on this trend.

The following is an excerpt from;

Bienvenidos to Latinos In Social Media Heritage Tour! (#LatISM)

The first national tour taking place in three states - NY, TX, FL - during the Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th - October 15th).

This two-day event will provide a networking opportunity and conference presentation, bringing together the leading minds and innovators in social media and technology.

All are welcome to learn, understand and support Latinos in the current dynamic social media enviornment.

With 21 million projected Latino internet users by 2010, Latinos are adopting social media as their primary source of communication, news and entertainment faster than any other group. Their buying power is projected to reach $1.3 Trillion by 2013.

It is paramount to learn what cultural factors are driving this shift, and understand how to reach Latinos where they are primarily active in emerging technologies.

The Latinos In Social Media Heritage Tour, will present these topics and more:

-Latest trends in social media and effective marketing strategies.
-Case studies of top brands/companies; challenges and obstacles.
-Developing and social media technologies and trends
-Latino culture, heritage, demographics in the U.S. today

We believe the best way to reach Latinos is through Latinos. LatISM will bring Bloggers, Twitters, Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, LinkedIn Leaders and many more together to learn about the latest Social Media trends. All this while celebrating our culture!

Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez

August 19, 2009

Knowledge Vs. Labor

Specialized knowledge in a certain sector is very valuable because not just anyone can do it.

But lifting a box or moving cargo is something that most able bodied people can do at any point in time.

Therefore there is higher compensation for the work that not just anyone can do.

But on the flip side additional work, effort and expenses must be invested in order to attain specialized skills.

Are you going to be a knowledge worker or a labor worker?

Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez

August 17, 2009

Drip Drip Drop

Success does not happen overnight.

Just as your health today depends on the decisions of the past.

The choices you make today decide where your music career will be tomorrow.

Every follow up email, every good relationship, everytime you go the extra mile in writing a song lyric, you are actually investing in the you of tomorrow.

Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez

August 13, 2009


My favorite coffee spot in DC is Juan Valdez.

Their coffee is incredible.

But I honestly go there just as much for the ambiance and to people watch the clientele which that ambiance attracts.

How can you use this same technique at your shows?

Maybe lighting, smoke machines, and great sound.

Or maybe you focus on the clientele you bring out.

Or the guy/girl ratio.

Whatever you focus on, ambiance is definitely worth spending some time brainstorming.

Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez

August 12, 2009

How Should You Respond When You Hate Something?

Whenever you work with another artist, be it a producer, emcee, web designer, etc. you are hiring them based on there talent.

To a degree you have to accept there creativity as what it is.

Which means after one or two requests for revision, it's seriously time to consider cutting your loses and moving on with someone else.

But how do you tell them that you are unhappy with a product?

Be honest, tactful and nice.

Tell them that you are not feeling it, tell them why, make any suggestions you have and keep in mind you have just dissed their creation. So be sensitive to that.

This may not get you what you want immediately but it will keep you from burning a bridge and it's the mature way to handle the fact that things simply don't always workout.

Just look at it as an investment.

Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez

August 10, 2009

Who Do You Want To Be?

Whether it's being a gangsta, a Christian, or a business savvy entreprenuer, you are ultimately the biggest determining factor in who you become.

In an average life there are many factors that influence that persons decisions; family, the era in which one is living, economic reality, lucky or unlucky breaks.

But nothing determines a lifes outcome as much as the person living it.

Therefore it is of the highest importance to consciously choose what you want and who you want to be.

Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez

August 6, 2009

Immortal Technique - Golpe De Estado

Immortal Technique feat. Veneno & Temperamento.

This track is pure uncut Hip-Hop.

The beat is powerful and the lyrics are righteous.

Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez

August 3, 2009

Dealing With Jealousy

Your dream is always based 100% on your not giving up on it.

There will always be moments when you feel down and out.

You may even get to the point where you want to quit.

But whether you quit or not depends solely on your determination.

On your own gusto.

Along the way you will invariably come across people that are jealous of your success.

This includes everyone from total strangers to those you love the most.

When this happens, just keep clearly in mind what your goal is and stick to it.

Do not waste your time or energy worrying about other peoples issues. As long as you are not doing anything to directly hurt or bother them then the issue exists in there head.

Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez