December 24, 2009

Latino/a Hip-Hop Studies @ Duke University

I so wish I could take this upcoming course @ Duke University!


Professor Gosin will be teaching an undergraduate course titled, "Latino/a Hip Hop: Representation and Resistance" during Spring, 2010. The course will be listed under LSGS 150S and will be cross-listed with AAAS, Spanish, Sociology, and Cultural Antrhopology. A brief description follows: This course will examine Hip Hop as a tool for self-representation and resistance among Latino/as in the United States in the context of histories of colonization, im/migration, and activism. The course highlights the integral role of Puerto Rican youth in Hip Hop’s creation; examines the role of Hip Hop as an expression of Chicano politics; explores the influence of cultural expressions from the Spanish speaking Caribbean; and investigates what Hip Hop reveals about the linkages between US Latino/a and African American communities. Through an examination of the politics of Latino Hip Hop as a cultural production, the course emphasizes a critical analysis of the racial, gendered, and linguistic politics that shape Latino/a lives. Curriculum codes ALP; SS, CCI; and W will likely be attached to this course. Since this is a seminar, only 18 seats are available; undergraduates should plan to sign up early.

(Note that our Intro to Latino/a Studies, LSGS100S, will also be taught in the Spring by Prof Viego at a non-conflicting day/time.)

Office Location: 222 Friedl Building
Office Hours: For Fall, please e-mail to set up an appointment.
Office Phone: 919-668-1945
Email Address:
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Chyno Nyno - "Quien Dijo"

Cristopolis Dieguez

December 19, 2009

Exclusive Interview with "Conspiracy of Mind"

I recently had the chance to catch up with Latino Hip-Hop recording artist's "Conspiracy of Mind " made up of emcee Just-1 and producer Nevahmind.  There new album "The Grand Deception", which features the single "Sabotage" ft. Chino XL can be found here .

The Interview:

LatinoHiphop.Org:  If you were in an elevator and had 2 sentences to describe COM's story and sound, what would it be? 

COM:  Its sort of like Joseph Stalin meets Che Guevara and decided to make hiphop. The story will be written by those on the outside looking in.....

LatinoHiphop.Org:  Where do you see COM 5 years from now (2015)?

COM:  In Guantanamo Bay for pushing the limits of free of speech and being mistaken for "terrorists". Or educating the less fortunate about their histroy and placement.

LatinoHiphop.Org:  How do you plan to monetize your music (what is your business model)?

COM:  Truth, Wisdom & Knowledge.

 LatinoHiphop.Org:  Do you have a crazy industry, recording or performing story that stands out that you'd like to share? 

COM:  We steal shows from hosts regularly yet unintentionally, being dope tends to have that effect on people......

LatinoHiphop.Org:  What does COM have planned for 2010? 

COM:  The Grand Deception album, world domination, & constant edutainment.

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December 7, 2009

Chile Estyle - Graffiti Art Exhibit

If you are in the Los Angeles area, this is an art exhibit you will not want to miss.

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December 3, 2009

December 1, 2009

Exclusive Interview with "Eric Bobo"

I had the good fortune of catching up with Eric Bobo recently and askied him about his new album "Meeting of the Minds" (which can be purchased here).

Eric Bobo is a well known percussionist who is best known for performing as full-time percussionist for Cypress Hill.


1. When is your new album scheduled to be released?  Who is featured on it?

Eric Bobo:

My album "Meeting Of The Minds" was released late last year. The album features B Real, Sick Jacken, Tony Touch, Ill Bill, Thirstin Howl III, Mellow Man Ace, Sonidero Nacional & more. I really wanted to bring different musical genres together since that's a big part of what I do.


2. How long has this album been in production?

Eric Bobo:

The album took about 3 years to complete. Working on the album between tours with Cypress Hill made it a challenge because I had to sometimes divide my focus but it all worked out in the end.


3. What label is the album being released through?  Is the business model being used to push album, traditional or non-traditional?

Eric Bobo:

The album was released thru Nacional Records which is a Latin-Alternative independent label. They have artists like Manu Chao, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, & amp; more. They still operate more as an indie label than a major even though they are distributed by Warner Bros. I liked the fact that they are an artist friendly label & that they understand the way the music industry has changed yet still be effective.


4. What is the most interesting country you've visited while on tour?  What made it interesting?

Eric Bobo:

I think a lot of the countries that I've visited on tour each have an interesting thing about them but mainly its the different cultures that you encounter. I really like South America, Japan & Europe. Also, the fans out there are very loyal to the artists that they like.


5. What changes do you see coming to the music industry within the next couple of years?

Eric Bobo:

Well, we have all witnessed the crazy changes that have happened so far from digital downloads to the eventual demise of the CD. The industry has been trying to figure out how to make their money in the age of free downloading, yet millions of people have embraced the digital music stores like Amazon & ITunes. I do believe that now there are so many opportunities for artists to get their music heard both independent & established, so to me, the future for the music industry doesn't look that bad at all 

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