December 24, 2009

Latino/a Hip-Hop Studies @ Duke University

I so wish I could take this upcoming course @ Duke University!


Professor Gosin will be teaching an undergraduate course titled, "Latino/a Hip Hop: Representation and Resistance" during Spring, 2010. The course will be listed under LSGS 150S and will be cross-listed with AAAS, Spanish, Sociology, and Cultural Antrhopology. A brief description follows: This course will examine Hip Hop as a tool for self-representation and resistance among Latino/as in the United States in the context of histories of colonization, im/migration, and activism. The course highlights the integral role of Puerto Rican youth in Hip Hop’s creation; examines the role of Hip Hop as an expression of Chicano politics; explores the influence of cultural expressions from the Spanish speaking Caribbean; and investigates what Hip Hop reveals about the linkages between US Latino/a and African American communities. Through an examination of the politics of Latino Hip Hop as a cultural production, the course emphasizes a critical analysis of the racial, gendered, and linguistic politics that shape Latino/a lives. Curriculum codes ALP; SS, CCI; and W will likely be attached to this course. Since this is a seminar, only 18 seats are available; undergraduates should plan to sign up early.

(Note that our Intro to Latino/a Studies, LSGS100S, will also be taught in the Spring by Prof Viego at a non-conflicting day/time.)

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