December 19, 2009

Exclusive Interview with "Conspiracy of Mind"

I recently had the chance to catch up with Latino Hip-Hop recording artist's "Conspiracy of Mind " made up of emcee Just-1 and producer Nevahmind.  There new album "The Grand Deception", which features the single "Sabotage" ft. Chino XL can be found here .

The Interview:

LatinoHiphop.Org:  If you were in an elevator and had 2 sentences to describe COM's story and sound, what would it be? 

COM:  Its sort of like Joseph Stalin meets Che Guevara and decided to make hiphop. The story will be written by those on the outside looking in.....

LatinoHiphop.Org:  Where do you see COM 5 years from now (2015)?

COM:  In Guantanamo Bay for pushing the limits of free of speech and being mistaken for "terrorists". Or educating the less fortunate about their histroy and placement.

LatinoHiphop.Org:  How do you plan to monetize your music (what is your business model)?

COM:  Truth, Wisdom & Knowledge.

 LatinoHiphop.Org:  Do you have a crazy industry, recording or performing story that stands out that you'd like to share? 

COM:  We steal shows from hosts regularly yet unintentionally, being dope tends to have that effect on people......

LatinoHiphop.Org:  What does COM have planned for 2010? 

COM:  The Grand Deception album, world domination, & constant edutainment.

Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez 

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