September 23, 2013

Cristopolis - "MoombahRap" ft. Chingo Bling [Free Download]

"MoombahRap" is a fusion of Moombahton and Rapping with a special guest appearance by Chingo Bling (as seen in the movie Filly Brown). This song enjoys the unique perspectives and lyrics of an East Coast Hip-Hop artist and a Southwest Hip-Hop artist, a South American artist and a Chicano artist, both connected by the universal culture that is Hip-Hop.

Written and performed by Cristopolis and Chingo Bling.
Produced by Bones El Galactico
Additional vocals and scratching by DJ E-Boogie.
Additional vocals, recording and engineering by Heather Renee at DC VISIONS.

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September 18, 2013

Exclusive Interview with Get Low Artist Development (GLAD)

If you are an artist, business or organization that needs representation and/or assistance in promotion, marketing and similar services you may want to look into GLAD Services who has 10 years of experience in these areas.  Below is the exclusive interview with GLAD:

What is GLAD and how did it get started? 

GLAD is the abbreviation for Get Low Artist Development, which is a subdivision of Get Low Records, LLC. It started back in 2008, when as a record label we released our artists first album and understood how difficult it may be for some artists to release music independently and organize their publishing, promotion, and publicity on their own. Having hands on experience and with more than 10 years experience in the music industry, we decided to offer our services to artists who don't understand the music business or simply don't have time to handle the "administrative" part of being an artist.

What are the primary services / products that you provide? 

We are an all in one service. Mainly we do biographies, publishing administration, song registrations, music placement on digital stores and Internet radios like Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, draft press releases, promotion for artists and bands, assisting in trademark registrations, contracts, website development, and any other type of music administration service.  I have a bachelor's in print journalism and a law degree, which really helps me out when it comes to understanding and doing these type of services for other artists.

Can you name a few of the artists / companies that you have represented in the past? 

We have always worked closely with many established Latin urban artists such as Dj Nelson, MC Ceja, J Alvarez, Nejo y Dalmata, Guelo Star, Tony Lenta, Baby Rasta y Gringo among many others, and we decided to extend our services to new talents who don't understand the music business.  We also work closely with brands such as Uggly Truth and Akolatronic and record labels such as Propeidad Urbana Music and Latin Crossover, Inc.  We also handle entertainment company accounts, such as Hardball Entertainment, Club 90 Degree, Club Euforia and now The Bank Lounge and Gallery based out of Miami. 

What changes have you seen over the last 10 years in the Latin Hip-Hop / Reggaeton industry? 

Well, the most obvious change is that everything is going digital. Radio listeners have switched the FM radio for things like Spotify and Pandora. 

What changes do you think will happen over the next 10 years and how are you positioning yourself and the artists that you represent to take advantage of them? 

In the next 10 years I see the need for major record labels almost extinct because of all the services available for independent artists to make it on their own.  The artists I work with are ready for such a change as they have slowly begun to understand the business side of music and its administration.  Securing their rights and their publishing interests are a key factor in being ready for the digital era of music.    

What trends do you see happening within the music industry that you think are unimportant and will fade away and GLAD is therefore not investing in? 

Music piracy. The artists I work with are not into giving away music for free. With music platforms such as Pandora or Spotify, that pay out royalties to artists and songwriters, there is no need to give away music for free.  We promote our iTunes links and if someone doesn't want to buy the music, they have the option of listening to it via Spotify or Pandora.  It is totally unimportant for an artist to give their music to blogs or websites not associated in any way with the artists so they can "promote" the song and generate revenue from ads etc. and the artists in return, get nothing.  Instead, GLAD artists promote their websites and income generating links. 

How can an artist, label or organization contact GLAD to inquire about your services and what information should they have ready to share with you in order for GLAD to assess what services to recommend? 

Visit or email - Information they need to have ready are any social media links, bio if any and at least one mp3.

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