April 1, 2009

What Hip-Hop can Learn from Singer/Songwriters

It was unpredictable in the late 1970's when Hip-Hop came into existence, that in a few short decades it would dominate popular culture.

But as the profitability of selling music decreases Hip-Hop artist's stand to gain alot from studying Singer/Songwriters.

Due to limited music industry market share, Singer/Songwriter's have always done things the old fashioned way. Meaning they get on stage and sing. Less glitz and more grind.

Now as digital music has killed the video star, artists from all genres will need to grind harder, perform more, release new material more frequently and focus on their fans not the masses.

Sounds like Singer/Songwriters have had it right all along.

Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez

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