April 11, 2009

What Do I Want?

Have you ever gone to a photographer and been asked what you want?

Or have you ever worked with an engineer and they ask you how you want it to sound?

Or maybe you're working with a producer and they ask you what type of beat you're looking for?

These questions are just plain dumb and annoying!

I want the best you have to offer.

When the photographer emails me the proofs, I don't care about 100 or 200 images. I'm only looking for that single image that makes my jaw drop. The one that makes my hypothalamus produce the happy chemical.

Same with the engineer, producer, web designer, etc.

It's just that simple. Don't ask me what I want, instead give me the absolute best you have to offer.

Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez

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