April 15, 2009

Hip-Hop is a Marathon

If you are on your grind there will undoubtedly be days you stay up late and wake up early.

We all like to think that the need to sleep somehow doesn't affect us.

But it does.

The effect is suttle and gradual. But the lack of sleep will cloud your judgement, decrease your ability to cope with stress and accelerate aging.

The lack of sleep also increases your susceptibility to ailments due to your
bodies weakened immune system.

So whenever you have not gotten your full 7-8 hrs. of sleep because you were out the night before networking, performing, or otherwise on your grizzly, be sure to give yourself some down time.

A nap, a massage, a movie. The important thing is for you to be aware enough, wise enough to know how to pace yourself.

Hip-Hop is a marathon not a sprint.

Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez

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