July 3, 2011

Latin Rap vs. Latino Hip-Hop


That's all that the various terms used to talk about the urban latino experience in multimedia are to me.

I've heard dozens of terms;  Spanish Rap, Latin Rap, Hurban, Reggaeton, Latin Alternative, Rap en Español, Hip-Hop Latino, Chicano Rap, Afro-Latino, Merengue Hip-Hop, Urban Latino, Latino Hip-Hop, and of course Latin Hip-Hop.

I believe that these terms are generally talking about the same experience, which itself has become so popular and diverse that it has developed into powerful and complex subcategories.  The experience being addressed is that of Latinos from around the world adding, fusing, and remixing their cultural and colloquial identities with the influences of Hip-Hop.

What are your thoughts?

Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez


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