July 21, 2009

Good Communication Is Everything

I participated in 2 very different scenarios today, both of which were direct results of communication.

The first example was one of miscommunication;

In this scenario I worked as an intermediary.

Basically somebody believed that they were promised something and did not receive it and were therefore pissed off.

So much so that they made a threat.

The person threatened reacted by no longer wanting to participate in an upcoming event because said person was also going to be participating.

What's interesting is that the only thing that went wrong was the communication of what was expected. This example is yet to be resolved, but I firmly believe that this can still be easily resolved by simply explaining what each person understood and on that basis working out a new agreement as to what is expected.

The second example was is one of effective communication;

I was recently introduced to someone that organizes an event in DC that I want to participate in. After a string of introduction emails, this person agreed to give me a call on a certain date at a certain time. I waited and the call never came.

Instead of being offended I sent a follow up email a few days later stating that I was writing in order to keep the pathways of communication open and that I was still very much interested in participating in the event in any way that I could.

He replied, communication continued and 2 weeks later I got the gig!

Good communication is everything.

Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez

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