July 20, 2009

Are You Still Making Albums?

It no longer makes sense to buy albums from a consumer perspective, because it's much less expensive to just buy the few songs that you like.

It no longer makes sense to make albums from an artist's perspective either.

Instead of releasing a new album every 2 years or so, it seems much better (and easier) to release a new song every 2 months or so.

You can release it directly to iTunes and Amazon via CD Baby, or better yet release it through the digital distributors but also maintain it as free download on your website.

The real money comes from shows these days, all you are really trying to do is earn a slot on someone's iPod, you're simply trying to make it on to the playlist.

You're fighting to remain relevant.

And a new album every 2 years (even once a year) is not enough.

Your true fans need new material every few months.

Wishing you continued successs!

Cristopolis Dieguez

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