January 29, 2009

Should I Move to L.A.?

Every so often I have to wrestle with an annoying question, "should I move to L.A. to pursue my music career"?

Now in my case I deal with the question of L.A. because my wife who is also a musician always brings it up in particular. But L.A. can be substituted for New York, Atlanta, Nashville, San Juan, Miami, London etc. etc.

If you're a musician living outside of one these music hubs you've probably spent some time pondering the same question.

Being a Washingtonian I know I have.

But here are my two cents in regards to moving to greener pastures;

It is utterly stupid!

If you are an independent artist then why are you trying to follow the get rich quick, 'get signed to a major' rules of the 90's?

Why would you want to leave all of the infrastructure that you currently have in place, in order to start all over again?

If you have no infrastructure.......then what the hell are you doing? Do you think that it's magically easier somewhere else?

It'll take you a couple of years just to get back what you currently have!

You see this is the big picture; there is a revolution going on now that the world is a much smaller place than it used to be. Thanks to technology there is an abundance of everything except one thing, your uniqueness.

If you were to focus on developing your skill, your sound, finding yourself at every level, embracing it, and releasing it to the world persistently. Then you my friend would have a profitable niche.

This does not happen thanks to your locality. No, it can only happen because you work really hard at it. And your smart with it. You maintain enthusiasm. And you absolutely never quit.

You see that the fact of the matter is that if there is a magical place there are also these cool things called airplanes, which allow you to be anywhere you want in a matter of hours................ so stop fooling yourself.

Put in the work.

Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez

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