November 25, 2008

Are CD's Dead?

My new album will be a digital release only.


Well for starters it's alot less expensive. $55 to release my album on iTunes versus $1,500 in order to manufacture 1,000 physical copies.

Also there is the issue of how much space CD's take up. Having 1,000 copies of your album delivered to your door step is a great feeling but it takes up a small closet's worth of space.

Another major concern is the environment. You truly leave a much smaller footprint on our planet when all of the plastic and paper that would have been used on your release is now conveniently turned into binary code and magically stored in cyberspace.

If money, space, and the environment still do not completely persuade you perhaps being on the cutting edge of the music industry will;

There is no doubt that CD's will completely give way to MP3's in the future. Some say that it could be as soon as 2014. Meaning you will not be able to buy CD's at physical stores any more. CD's will be dead. As an independent Latino Hip-Hop artist you have the freedom to be vanguard, an early adopter, and to leaverage every technological innovation to your benefit. DiscMakers and Oasis (cd manufacturers) will continue to rave as to the benefits of still printing up CD's, but that's because they only have about 5 more years to make money off of their duplication plants before they too go the way of the dinosaur.

Wishing you continued success!

Cristopolis Dieguez

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